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Developer Conference - day 1

Radovan started the event with a short speech and also announced the Open House in Red Hat Brno office on April 4th as the next Red Hat related event.
František Řezníček from MRG (Messaging, Realtime, Grid) spoke after him. His talk was called Towards Unified Messaging, where he presented their work, mentioned protocols used in their project - qpid and amqp. He shortly explained the asynchronous messaging and how the cooperation works between server and users.

Bryn Reeves from support of storage had a lovely talk called - Supporting the Open Source Enterprise. He mentioned few examples from his area of work, but it's probably the same for all open source projects. Problems with support of a project in various branches, support of older releases, which are unsupported by upstream and so on. What has changed in last few years are tools. Git made things easier, but there are also other tools worth looking at like OpenGrok or cscope.

Jan Hutař presented "Software Robot Competition around the world". He made an overview of different competitions in different disciplines and showed the most funniest videos. For my colleagues was important the Red Bot competition based on FIbot, where he announced the winner of the internal competition. Jan promissed the best videos from the Red Bot on youtube.

Stanislav Kozina spoke about What can Linux learn from others. I felt that this talk was about how cool is Solaris, namely zfs and dtrace. I heard many times praise of both and they probably have many cool features. But I would prefer a comparison of programs or what are the deficiencies of these two. I guess drawbacks are everywhere.Phil
Phil Knirsch made an overview of rpm and yum. I assume they spent a lot of time on looking into "yum is so slow" issues and aimed their work on the most irritating bugs. According to their research is rpm+yum only 4x slower than untar, so it's very good because rpm+yum are doing installation and scriptlets, SElinux, depsolving and many more. Some projects claimed to be faster, but in that case they are "cheating", because they are skipping some work. The most important future plan is using libsolv by SUSE as the depsolver. On the top of depsolver will be a new project, which will merge rpm+yum functionality into one tool, which will be introduced in Fedora 18.

Jarda Škarvada presented news from the Power Management. He announced the test day, where anyone can bring his/her own laptop into Red Hat Brno office for measurement or do the testing at home. They introduced new release of tuned 2.0, which have new profiles for power saving. He proposed a little controversial change to stop desktop application to run their flash/javascript/whatever during their minimalization. It would require patching for all Desktop Environments.

Harald Hoyer and Kai Sievers presented their new look on FHS called - A streamlined and fully compatible Linux Filesystem Hierarchy. IMHO it's another change for a change, which will probably create more problems for Fedora maintainers. I'm not quite sure what this change should bring to the user or the developer. Audience was arguing and they were arguing with Harald and Kai. We spoke afterwards, but I can't say I'm convinced...