mmaslano (mmaslano) wrote,

Environment and Stacks Working Group - Change proposals

We spoke many many weeks about it and taddaaa!

There is almost finished plan how to add Playground repository, which can contain various stuff. From chromium (bundling) to interesting packages, which didn't make it into Fedora yet. People will be using Copr for build of those packages and repositories can be nicely handled by Copr plugin for dnf.

Software Collections even for Fedora. The guidelines are not finished yet, but let's hope for the best. I'd like to create at least one collection of ruby193, which was most wanted.

After discussion with pingou about some parts of PRD, he proposed Automated packages review tool. If everything goes fine, reviews can be done on server outside of bugzilla, which is really not a good tool for reviews. It's a big project planned for Fedora 22.

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