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17th December
Last week I spoke with a guy from Big Data SIG. I invited him for WG meeting, because his SIG has troubles within current Fedora workflow. Big Data SIG spoke about their issues with maintenance of languages, which is not their primary goal. They are using mainly Scala, but also some Java packages and node.js.
Big Data specific case is right now, they want to use Scala for real work on Fedora, but they have to either maintain it or install from upstream. They'd like to see some improvement for inclusion of new languages/framework, which could speed up development. tjanez promised to sum up needs of Big Data SIG from meeting minutes.

I started work on PRD. On one of previous meetings people tend to like Cloud PRD, so I used it as a template and prepared
a draft. pkovar promised to fix my English and add into tasks his plans for documentation. Every member of WG should work on Tasks, because it's not much time for a preparation of PRD.

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