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Developer Conference - February 23

I was speaking about Software Collections on Developer Conference in Brno. I forgot to mention that we have now new Red Hat developers blog, which contains howtos for developers on RHEL. People interested in collections can contact us on our mailing list.

Tom 'spot' Callaway presented his vision of new tools, which can help users with talking to developers. For example he and his team are working on Hyperkitty, which will be a plugin for mailman. The output would look like a forum where you can give karma to users or posts. By default, only the high karma posts will be shown, something like slashdot comments, so people won't be bored by trolling so often. He's also focusing on user experience on GNOME3. Based on his data he proposed improvements for tools like PackageKit. I guess such improvements could be helpful for Fedora community.

Leslie Hawthorn was speaking about Negotiation theory in IT environment. I heard similar talks on various soft skills trainings, but Leslie is a great speaker and she made people laugh.

Vratislav Podzimek tried to talk us into writing 3rd party plugins for anaconda. After a complete rewrite of anaconda many people were upset by the current UI, but the big changes were done inside of the code. Anaconda was rewritten to be more modular. Vratislav with Chris Lumens held a public discussion about new anaconda, which sounds to me as a good step forward to community and rest of the system, which is depedent on anaconda (firstboot, initial experience,...).

Adrian Schroeter presented the Open Build Service, which is used by SUSE, but it can also create builds for various distributions. OBS is automagically creating rpm, deb, ... from sources. They are using 'projects' for builds, so they are able to quite easily rebuild bunch of packages marked as a  one project.

The most important on all conferences is speaking to people. I met many of them on the evening social event. This year, Fleda (a musical club) was rented with a life band and DJ in the late evening.


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Feb. 25th, 2013 08:11 pm (UTC)
Tom's conference was very interesting !! But the band and the DJ were something that is better to forget ... :)
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