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how hhorak's idea about summary from each WG worked

Honza Horak (hhorak) worked on summary what every WG is doing and what's the status. It took him a long time, so we've agreed to contact all groups with requirement on sharing the progress. Shortly, cross posting a short summary to all groups wasn't seen as a good idea, but using more #info and #action during meeting could improve readability of meeting logs. Chairperson will do better meeting minutes and put them on blog (shared on fedora.planet) to do them more accessible.

ACTION: hhorak will keep trying to get summary of working groups' discussion (ML, meetings) to other groups members

epel/epic proposal - chat with smoodge
Faster EPEL repository is only proposal right now. Members of Env and Stack should follow epel-devel mailing list for discussion about the proposal.

Chairperson for next meeting will be picked at end of the current meeting.

ACTION: hhorak will be chairman and secretary next week

ACTION: mstuchli will work on Fedora Docker build service

  • We need to figure out whether we want private Docker registry or not